Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fleeting Tales #15: Kaleidoscope release!

Time for a new update on Kaleidoscope. This is only the second update although I planned a lot more, imagining a constant stream of thought on the process of writing a novel. It didn't work out like that. Perhaps I'll sort that out for my next novel.

Anyway, it is finally being released in a few days and I can't wait for people to start reading it. The book has been a long time coming and it'll feel a little strange to not have it in the 'work in progress' file on my computer.

Kaleidoscope is based on an idea I had around ten years ago when I was at the tender age of 22 and had aspirations of one day playing guitar in Radiohead. But, until Thom Yorke got off his arse and decided to call, I chose to pass the time on a little script I had (the name hasn't changed).

I originally started writing it as a film script (although I had no idea how to actually go about this). I filled my evenings with researching how to format a film script but made very little progress in the way of story; I just looked at the perfectly indented scene breaks on an otherwise blank computer screen.

Kaleidoscope will be released on
21st December 2012
The idea was a simple one - a man tries to get revenge for the murder of his childhood friend - but over the years the story changed and it was only during the writing of Kinesis that I finally had the basic outline sorted.

Writing Kaleidoscope was both easier and harder than writing Kinesis in different ways. Kinesis was my first finished novel and although writing the story came a lot easier than Kaleidoscope, I was constantly battling the fear that it wouldn't be finished. I had attempted to write novels before but they had always been abandoned before entering their fourth chapter so this was an incessant nagging in the back of my mind. Even when I was 60 or 70 thousand words in, I kept imagining it laying unfinished on my hard drive in ten years time.

Kaleidoscope was a different affair. I knew I could finish a novel, but writing this one was much more complicated, due in part to the way I chose to tell the story. It required more re-writing and scene adding than Kinesis and also (in the end, thanks to my editor - yes I'm that much a proper writer now) a lot more cutting.

But, I'm relieved to say, Kaleidoscope has finally been completed and will be available for download on multiple e-readers and as a paperback:

Download for Kindle:
Kaleidoscope UK
Kaleidoscope US

Purchase Paperback:
Kaleidoscope UK  
Kaleidoscope US 

I can now finally begin work on the follow-up to Kinesis, tentatively titled 'The Kinetic', which I hope will expand the story in a satisfying way.

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