Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fleeting Tales #16: Long time no blog!

This blogging lark is difficult sometimes! It's especially difficult to keep up with regular updates as I think I've successfully demonstrated this past couple of months.

Quick updates first:

  1. Kaleidoscope is still available (this is number 1 because it's the one I'm pushing - please read it).
  2. Safeguard, a new short story, will be released soon (or has been released, depending on when you read this - it's release is imminent). It will also be free for the first three days.
  3. The sequel to Kinesis is slowly (very slowly) coming together.

I've just uploaded a new short story to KDP called Safeguard and this will be available for Kindles only at this time. It will probably make its way into a short story compilation which I am working on for the future, as it fits in with the space / sci-fi / horror type thing that I want to comprise it of. This compilation will also be available as a paperback and multiple e-reader formats when it is finally released, but for the moment I want to concentrate on getting the sequel to Kinesis released.

Speaking of which, the sequel (possibly called 'The Kinetic', possibly not) is still in the planning stage at the moment. I started writing the first draft in December but scrapped the idea I had and have gone through several variations for where the story will go since then. I'm slowly getting the different plot-lines sorted and will keep you updated. But I am still hopeful for a November / December 2013 release.

Finally, Kaleidoscope. I'll be honest, sales / downloads have been low so if you have read it then please let me know what you think if you get a free minute. I'd really appreciate it.

All the best,


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